Three types of law: Info and Explanation

In this article, you can find out about the details of Family and Juvenile Law, Immigration Law and Intellectual Property Law. This article contains true statements, although in shorter form. For more information, we recommend you to consult with professional lawyer or attorney firm that will explain to you everything properly.

  1. Family and Juvenile Law

147255468-Law-Firm-300x201Family law deals with relationships between family individuals/members. Great number of lawyers of this kind of law usually are solo practitioners or work at small law firms. They are experts in solving issues that appear within a certain family; also, they create or dissolve personal relationships by divorce or adoption. Public relations law firms often present their cases to media in order to gain some attention and build their reputation.

  1. Immigration Law

passportThis type of law focuses on US policies and legal affairs that are related to foreign nationals living in the United States temporarily or permanently. All this includes obligations of aliens in the United States, the associated legal rights, and certain duties; the procedures and processes of application covering the naturalization of foreign people wishing to become citizens of the USA; they deal with legal issues concerned with refugees, people crossing US borders by illegal means such as fraud is, and with those people who illegally transport immigrants into the USA. So, an immigration attorney may help his clients with all areas of immigration law, however, many of them still specialize in certain immigration law subcategories because this type of law is very complex and frequently is being updated and changed. Specialization fields of immigration law are: business immigration law, criminal and deportation defense, and asylum, or refugee law. A lawyer that practices in one of the mentioned areas of immigration law usually works for the government, a community-based organization, a law firm, or from home. The last situation is not uncommon at all – since some of them prefer working from home due to higher level of effectiveness.

  1. Intellectual Property Law

intellectual-1Intellectual property law deals with the creations of authors’ rights, rights of inventors’ protection in their discoveries, and rights of businesses in their identifying marks. An intellectual property attorney is specialized in a specific law area. For instance, those lawyers with a technical background are often specialized in patent law due to the combination of individual’s legal and scientific background into 1 practice. A copyright lawyer deals with counseling composers, authors, and artists within the scope of rights in their personal identities and their creations, negotiates contracts, and litigates in order to enforce these rights. Recently, copyright is focusing on technological advances, such as developments in electronic publishing.

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